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Moel Eilio is a conical hill overlooking Llanberis to the North, and is strategically well placed for XC flights to Snowdon and beyond. Do not land in the bowl on the east side of the spur (the one with the lake) as this land is out of bounds to us. Equally, do not take off on the eastern side of the take-off spur.

  • Block the lane, gateways or access for the farmer.
  • Fly the east side of the northerly ridge.
  • Overfly low the Chapel of rest or land in the small fields immediately below and N of Take Off. 
  • Clogwyn Du'r Arddu can be turbulent, especially if there is a northerly element to the wind. Watch the various lakes for clues when you've reached Moel Cynghorion.

The sea breeze affects this hill a lot, but at least it comes onto, (or there abouts) the face of the hill. If soaring early in the day expect the wind to strengthen a lot and quite suddenly as the sea breezes start to work.  The ridge top is narrow on the NW facing rib extending from the TO to the summit of Eilio. 
To sum up… In my opinion there are two main factors that are rather typical of this area that might not be obvious to someone new to flying here.  Taking account of these will probably make your flying safer and give you a better flight.