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This is the only official site in Harlech as the cliff takeoff (Llanfair) has been closed by the National Trust. Please don't jeopardise the other sites which are on NT land by taking off from Llanfair.

There is also a rumour that Mr Roberts does not need to be paid for parking. This is NOT the case and he should be paid £2 per vehicle!

This is a ridge about a mile long running from Harlech to Talsarnau. It is also possible to connect with the next ridge and waft off to Barmouth. There is good thermalling in Spring at this site, but it's prone to sea breezes in Summer.


Forget to pay Mr/Mrs Roberts £2 for parking.

Park obstructing any gateways or tracks.

Leave any gates open.

Land in fields with livestock or crops in.

Land in the official bottom landing Field if it has livestock in it without first consulting the farmer.


Can be turbulent when top landing