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Just over 1000ft high, Foel Lus can be soared in both NW & NE winds. It offers good soaring and the limited opportunity of ridge runs along the coast, though there are some tricky 'jumps' and some nasty power lines about.

Getting to take-off: 

Foel Lus is situated on the North Wales coast east of, and overlooking, Penmaenmawr. Drive up the hill until you are facing out to sea on the side of the hill with a pair of old stone gate pillars in front of you. Park here. Do not block the track and do not drive up the hill any further.


Top landing is possible but can be tricky in lifty or scratchy conditions. Do not land at the campsite at the base of the spur or in the fields on the other side of the road that joins Pen and Dwygyfychi & do not land on the Golf Course. If you are intending to land on the beach, keep an eye on the tides - high tide means no beach

  • Park blocking any gateways or tracks.
  • Land on the golf course.
  • Try to land on the beach at high tide, there isn’t one!
  • Can be tricky to top land in strong conditions.
  • Beware the power lines to the west.
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