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This is a small site by local standards and of interest mainly due to its convenience for local pilots. Its small size means a small lift band, thus with more than four or five gliders it gets crowded on a light day. The hilltop is flat and so good for top landing and quite forgiving.

  • Block the track or Gateways.
  • Can get crowded with more than three gliders

When soaring on the WSWside of the hill watch out for the sea breeze sneaking in from the NNE or N (yes that means over the back). If you are thermalling with good height in front of the hill on the SW side, you can get caught out when coming back down to the hill to top land. Don’t find yourself in lee and rotor at ridge top height or just below because the sea breeze has sneaked in!  When thermal soaring watch out for the obvious see breeze signs like convergence cloud and use stuff like smoking chimneys as indicators of the wind direction in the distance esp over the back.